Integrated Analytics & Insights

We consider ourselves “the Integration Specialists.” Without true and complete reporting integration, it is impossible to optimize campaigns to best results and attribute success to the appropriate platforms. Many marketing companies make the mistake of reporting results in separate silos, using disparate systems to measure performance. Regardless of who is managing the various channels, without a singular agency and system integrating all campaign data, advertisers can wind up with an incomplete and inaccurate picture of performance.

Our philosophy is to work with all partners, managing both online and offline campaign elements as the lead integration specialist. By utilizing the Google Marketing Platform as the source of truth, we set up and tag all digital channels through one system. This achieves the following:

  • Proprietary integrated Data Studio dashboard with advanced analytics and data analysis
  • Predictive analytics
  • AB testing
  • Real-time campaign optimization
  • De-duplication of conversions
  • Tracking traffic and KPIs beyond direct click-through data
  • Cross-device tracking
  • Full-scale online attribution including assisted conversions and detailed conversion paths
  • Offline attribution where possible
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