MedStar Health

Building brand awareness, consideration and share of market over time.


MedStar Health, a $6B Mid-Atlantic healthcare provider, has been a client since 2012. Over that time, we have been tasked with developing and managing media strategy to help build their brand via annual regional advertising efforts designed to increase awareness, consideration and revenues.


Working in concert with MedStar’s creative agency and their internal digital marketing capability, our consecutive omnichannel media efforts have delivered the brand story primarily via broad-reach television supplemented by digital platforms including OTT and PDTV, radio and out of home.

Important to the success of our efforts has been our approach to broadcast media buying. In every market across the country where we manage media for our clients, we develop direct working relationships with each station. This is more work for us but produces much better results for our clients than if we simply purchased media through a national rep firm. The link to local reps who have the best interest of our clients at heart produces significant benefits like the ability to leverage our cash buys into substantial no-charge added message weight.


Steady year-over-year growth in aided and unaided awareness, consideration and system revenues. 2020 total awareness and consideration at all-time highs and MedStar unaided awareness the highest among all leading healthcare providers in the region.

Our “buy local” approach to broadcast media stewardship has produced more than $6M worth of additional no-charge message weight for MedStar, a major boost to efforts to build awareness for them in their media markets.

Client View

“Since 2012, this team has gone above and beyond to build strong relationships with our media partners and us. It’s simply a partnership that works.”

Mike Varner,
Vice-President of Brand Strategy