Strategic Partner Collaboration

From experience, we know that one of last things most client marketing managers want to deal with is a loose collection of multiple resources to accomplish marketing objectives. Too often in that circumstance, strategy decisions can be siloed with synergies difficult to achieve, and it becomes difficult to attribute success or identify winning omnichannel strategies.

We’ve demonstrated that coordinated collaboration is the better way.

Digital Marketing:

Our media expertise covers a wide swath of media platforms – all offline media and important online platforms as well. But put simply, while we know what we know, we also know what we don’t know. That’s why we’ve built a culture and analytics toolset that allow us to partner with other digital media agencies whose platform experience complements our own. Through joint planning and collaboration, the combined digital account team creates and manages coordinated and integrated digital media strategies and analysis across every digital touchpoint.

Message Development:

Some clients add us to an existing partnership with a creative agency. When that’s the case, we work hard to achieve transparent communications across all members of the marketing team so that creative output and media strategies are aligned with client goals. In other circumstances, if a client is seeking a fresh perspective on brand development or advertising messaging, we can recommend and team with trusted creative partners, working in concert with them to ensure that messaging and media are aligned to achieve intended results.

Shared Marketing Analytics:

In strategic partnership with MightyHive, one of Google’s premier agency partners, our team manages and coordinates the integration and analysis of marketing data derived from digital marketing efforts. We audit and report on all channels and platforms across all partners to create and an advanced integration strategy and reporting protocol unique to each client.